Making a very simple balloon skirt dress

Making a very simple balloon skirt dress
Making a very simple balloon skirt dress

We’re right here with a very simple, very fashionable, knit dress fashion with a view to be completed instantly. Alize Süperlana Classic Yellow colour ip3 mm and 7 mm skewers



1) ONE HUNDRED THIRTY loops are started with 3 mm skewers . FIVE rows of simple weave are knitted. (in this method, the hem ends are curled.)

2) Then knit flat with a 7 mm skewer at the entrance of the braid. it’s knit upside down with a 3 mm skewer on the back. For the skirt section, 25 cm is knitted in this manner.

THREE) Then the loops with THREE mm skewers are diminished by making 1 knit, 1 minimize. The collection of stitches is halved, the choice of stitches is 65.

< 4) 15 rows of flat knitting are knitted with 3 mm skewers. knitting is continued in this manner. After 8 tooth are damaged, 10 loops are lower from all sides for the seat.

6) 14 loops are knitted with EIGHT loops at the aspects and a flat knit in the center.

7) Finally All loops are knit and finished for FOUR rows.


The again of the get dressed is knitted within the related means as front.

After the last FOUR enamel are knitted, the loops in the heart are lower. On the perimeters, EIGHT rows of knitwear are knitted and 14 rows are knitted.

Entrance and again parts are sewn from the sides. you can embellish with a floral arch according to your need.

Simple come:)

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