Making Accordion Girl Vest

Hello everybody!

Are you looking for an abnormal vest type?

This style is simply for you!

Let’s make a choice your colour and begin knitting right away!


Snowball Baby One Pet (K253) colour hand knitting thread3.5 mm skewer5 button button4 pearl

easy methods to make

Sizes are appropriate for 2-THREE years.


1) Let’s take 106 loops to our corporate and FIVE loops for harosha, 1 loops for Thessaloniki, opposite loops, 5 loops for harosha, 1 loops for directly loops. Let’s knit it this manner.

2) Then let’s knit it till a complete of SIXTY FIVE teeth are flawed.

3) Arm Let’s cut 5 loops of the bottle for slicing and switch FIVE loops from our knitting in flip.

The harosa loops that we building up in this way represent the sleeve of our knitting.

FOUR) Extra then let’s knit our knitting 1 loop in opposite and 1 loop straight. In this fashion, let’s knit to arm length.

5) Let’s lower 27 loops for the shoulder, knit 4 rows and lower at the side of the nape.


1) Let’s knit 58 loops and put the accordion knitting trend.

Accordion Knitting Trend

First, ELEVEN stitches are immediately and 1 stitch is backward knit. Let’s knit like this until the top of the line. Let’s knit the rest 10 loops flat. in the second row, first knit 10 loops instantly. in the earlier order, let’s knit the knit that we knit the other way up, from the bottom of the knit, identical to within the Thessaloniki knitting. Let’s knit FIVE loops immediately, 1 loop opposite, FIVE loops straight. Now let’s knit instantly from the loop underneath the loop again. Let’s knit FIVE loops directly in the third row. Let’s knit directly, taking the ground of the following loop. Let’s knit FIVE loops extra flat. Let’s knit 1 stitch the other way up.

2) After 65 teeth harosa, let’s cut the arm just like the back of the braid.

3) 8 loop button tape, 1 Let’s continue with the loop in reverse, 1 loop straight.

4) Counting the harosha within the button band, knit 15 tooth after the arm minimize and depart 27 loops in the type of EIGHT-1-1 for the collar minimize. Let’s not forget to knit the opposite entrance section and make a buttonhole during 18 harosha.

Becoming A Member Of

1) Before stitching our knitting from the edges Let’s tie the shoulders together.

2) Let’s knit the collar by means of taking out the loop.

3) Then, we can complete our vest via combining the perimeters. < /

FOUR) Let’s tie a sequence to the waist of our vest. Let’s knit plant life on each ends. Let’s enhance the flowers with pearls.

5) Let’s make 2 of the same vegetation on their collars and entire them.

6) Sew the buttons. < /

Our vest is over!

accordion-girl-child-vest-construction accordion-lady-kid-vest-development
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