Making Amigurumi Sponge Bob

Hi ,,

We introduced you the making of an excessively cute cool animated film hero.

Anybody who doesn’t realize or dislike Sponge Bob?

How about knitting?

Let’s get started if you are ready!


La Mia Diamond hand knitting threads;
Yellow (L160) color thread
White (L001) colour thread
Darkish Brown (L168) black and blue thread to string colour 2.2 mm crochet Fiber


Sh: Magic ring

x: Widespread needle

v: Building Up

a: Decrease

zn: Chain



Let’s start with the yellow thread.

1. Take 18n. ranging from the second one chain, let’s procedure the eyes as within the picture, as 1v, 15x, 3x, 15x, 1v = 37x

2-21. 37x








Let’s switch to white color.

22-24. 37x

Brown Let’s cross on the rope.

25-29. 37x

Let’s fill the fiber and fold it in part.

Palms (2 items)

Let’s start with the yellow thread.

1. 5x in Sh

2-10. 5x

Let’s go to the white rope.

11. (1v) * 5 (10x)

12-THIRTEEN. 10x

14. (1a) * FIVE (5x)

Let’s leave the rope lengthy, flippantly fill the fiber and sew it into the body.

Legs (2 pieces)

Let’s get started with the brown rope.

1. 6x in Sh

2-FIVE. 6x

Let’s go to the white rope.

6-8. 6x

Let’s visit the yellow rope.

9-12. 6x

Placed on the brown rope my hand.

THIRTEEN. (1v) * 6 (12x)

14-15. 12x

< Let’s leave the rope long and flippantly fill the fiber and sew it to the body.


Let’s knit with a yellow thread.

1. into Sh 5x

2. (1v) * 5 (10x)

THREE. 10x

let’s placed it in the middle of the eye.

And it’s over!

amigurumi-sunger-bob-made amigurumi-sunger-bob-making

health to your hand!

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