Making Baby Bag With Hanger

We make adorable knitting with soft threads like small children!

it is time to knit easy baby overalls that you can knit with both crochet and spit. we start our recipe for handcrafted child overalls that you simply can reward in your own kids or.


4 pieces Gazzal XL Baby Cotton Gentle Red (3411XL) color ip4 mm 40cm trimmed spit4 mm Knitting Needle


* THREE-6 month is suitable for young children.


1) get started with 42 loops and knit 22 rows of plain weave .

2) From the 24th order, FOUR occasions 10 instances, 1 from the edges, 2 within the center.

THREE) Whilst there are 58 rows , 2 rows are higher by means of 2 edges are knitted.

FOUR) While knitting both legs, a bottle of SIXTY ONE. in order is taken. (there will be a total of 124 loops within the spit.)

FIVE) Knit flat until the 84th place.

< 6) In The 84th order, 2 subtractions from either side are made.

7) three times, 5 each one in the row, 2 is lowered from the sides.

8) thrice, 2 in each and every row, 2 from the edges are diminished.

9) 100. 112 loops within the needle in the row remain.

10) 106. the number of stitches so as is lowered to EIGHTY TWO.


1) 31 loops, 10 loops are lower for armpits.


1) 31 loops are separated, 14 rows are knitted and hanged.

2) Ruffle area It Could be made in any choice of occasions.

Your adorable child rompers are ready!

Well Being to your arms.

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