Making Baby Blanket with Popcorn Pattern

Hello knitting enthusiasts,

These Days I Can display you an excessively comfortable comfortable child blanket with popcorn motif. you’ll additionally use this motif for your different knitting styles: cushion, cardigan, shawl etc.


6 other colors Snowball Bamboo Sakura ip2 mm crochet


Whether you’ll be able to make our motif one color or knit it colorfully.

1. We pull 6 chains and form a ring.

2. 4 items We make double handrails, leave the tips on the crochet hook and gather them without delay, and we turn out to be a popcorn and draw 3 chains and make the opposite popcor in the comparable approach. we’ve got made 4 popcorn in general.

3. we change color. Then we make 2 popcorn the place we pull 3 chains in the bottom row and we pull 3 chains in between. We make another popcorn at the bottom popcor. We proceed like this. in the period in-between, we’ve got made 12 popcorn.

4. we modify colour.

Thus, at this time, there are 16 popcorn.

5. we change colour. We make popcorn at the field with the binary popcorn at the bottom and there are 3 chains between them. Then we pull 4 chains on the unmarried popcorn, and we sink. on the other hand we make 2 popkorn in the middle of the binary popcorn below and our braid maintains like this. In general, there are EIGHT popcorn at this time.

6. We make 3 double handrails in every box and we sink at the poles, there are FOUR handrails in total. We make 3 double handrails among two popcorn chains and three chains in the comparable box and continue with 3 double handrails. We do all its atmosphere in this order.

7. we modify colour. We pull 4 chains, skip one loop, stick it to another, and make double handrails. In the sort of row, we pull a sequence with a total of eleven frames, skip a loop, and make a square.

When we come to the corner, we make 2 double handrails, pull 3 chains, make some other 2 double handrails and transfer to the other nook, and we proceed the similar procedure and holiday the rope.

Our motif is over. you’ll knit and combine as so much as you want from this motif. you’ll be able to make any size blanket.

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