Making Baby Blankets with Girdle Model

Hi everybody!

We brought a wonderful blanket development that you just can knit with our soft velvet threads. you’ll be able to have this gorgeous blanket by means of applying the belt fashion!

we begin to give an explanation for it in no time!


7 pieces of Himalayan Dolphin Baby Yellow (80302) velvet baby wool


1) It starts with A HUNDRED AND FORTY loops. the first row is knitted with THREE opposite, 2 immediately, 2 reverse, 2 straight, 2 opposite, 2 instantly and 3 loops at the end.

2) At this time, the loops are knitted as they come. .

3) The 3 major loops at the top are knitted as a purl. As you’ll see in the symbol below through skipping 6 loops, the bottle is hooked up through casting off the loop among 6th and seventh loops. the primary 2 loops are knit together flat, the following loop is knitted flat, 2 opposite, 2 flat. 2 more stitches are knitted and after every other 6 stitches, 1 stitch is removed. 6 loops are gathered through the row and 2 are knitted in among.

baby-blanket-model-with-baby-blanket-making-1 cowhide-type-with-baby-blanket-making-1

4) Loops in the back row are knit as they come.

5) Loops are knitted as they’re in the fifth and 6th rows.

coward-model-with-baby-blanket-construction-2 generation-model-with-baby-blanket-development-2

6) 7. Generation style is made by way of amassing once more in the order. Meanwhile, the belts are shifted. 3 loops, 2 straight, 2 inverse, 6 loops are got rid of after taking the bottle, and the bottle is modeled, and the gathering process is performed 2 rows around the row.

coward-model -with-baby-blanket-making-3 cowhide-fashion-with-child-blanket-making-3

7) THREE rows knit the knots all along.

you can knit in THREE rows till you reach the desired duration, that is, through repeating the similar operations from the beginning.


As you’ll see, style 2 is built on 2 reverse loops.

i have set the threshold stitches to 3 stitches. in case you want, you’ll be able to make 2 aspect stitches and crochet the threshold if you need.


That’s it!

cone-model-with-baby-blanket-making cone-style-with-baby-blanket-making

I want everyone who will do it.

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