Making Baby Boy Sweater

Making Baby Boy Sweater
Making Baby Boy Sweater

We Are here with a knitting type different for child boys.

it is really easy to make, you’ll knit this knitting trend, which is finished in a brief time, and instantly dress it in your young children.


4 pieces Yarnart Denims Blue (33) colour ip4 mm 100 cm line skewer


* Appropriate for two year antique young children.

* One piece

1) Start with 62 stitches.

2) Knit for 48 rows.

THREE) Increased by 1 at the 49th row.

4) FORTY EIGHT loops at the 50th row. .

* A COMPLETE of 160 loops are shaped in the spit.

baby boy sweater

FIVE) 50th row FORTY EIGHT loops are stitched.

6) 14 rows of knitwear.

7) 15th position; There are 7 harosa rows within the form of FORTY EIGHT harosha, 64 flat, FORTY EIGHT harosha.

EIGHT) twenty third row; Proceed as FORTY EIGHT harosha, 11 instantly, 42 loops, 11 immediately, FORTY EIGHT harosha.

* Both shoulders and palms are knitted in FOUR rows.

baby boy sweater

* All knitting is began once more.

9) FORTY EIGHT harosha, ELEVEN immediately, 42 loops of bottle are thrown, ELEVEN directly, FORTY EIGHT harosha proceed.

* The again part is sustained within the same method because the front section.

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