Making Baby Cardigans with Mrs. Dilendi Bey Begendi Motif

Howdy !

We introduced you a chirpy baby cardigan type!

Let’s collect your favourite colours and let’s go to the making of this cardigan, that you can knit with pleasure!


1 L. A. Mia Child Cotton Water Green (L027) colour hand knitting thread La Mia Cottony hand knitting threads;
Red (P11) color thread
Mustard Yellow (P31) colour thread
White (P1) colour thread
Yellow (P15) color thread2 mm crochet3 button


Motif (2 Items)

We knit with red thread. < /

1) We create a ring via pulling FOUR chains. We go up with THREE chains and we knit more double rails inside the ring. We pull 2 ​​chains and knit again THREE double handrails. We proceed knitting till a complete of 6 double handrails are formed. We pull the remaining 2 chains and attach the thread to the highest of the 3 chains we pull at the starting of the row.

We knit with mustard yellow color thread. We weave 3 handrails, 2 chains, THREE handrails in order for each of the spaces formed by the 2 chains we pull among the Trabzan groups. Thus, we create 12 handrail teams and decide our corners.

We knit with crimson colored thread.

3) We pull THREE chains and pass up.

We draw 1 chain and we knit simplest THREE handrails within the area between the double handrail groups we knit within the backside row. We pull 1 chain once more and we knit THREE handrails, 2 chains and three handrails in the house subsequent to it. In other words, we create 2 handrail groups by means of pulling 2 chains between the corners now we have made up our minds in the previous row. In among, we create 1 handrail crew via pulling 1 chain.

We knit in this means, we knit a complete of eleven rows. chances are you’ll suppose that we knit the final row with a water inexperienced color thread.

lady-beggar-bey-begendi-begif-1 girl-begged-bey-begendi-with-motif-with-child-hirkasi-yapi-1

Motif Becoming A Member Of

We knit with water-colored color thread.

1) We knit the second one motif up to the 11th position in the same approach. within the 11th row, we will be able to mix with the first motif. within the nook, we knit our 3 handrails, pull 2 ​​chains and sink into the space inside of one corner of the primary motif.

Then we pull 1 chain, we sink in the place which will correspond to the first motif and once more we continue to knit our 3 handrails in the second motif. In different words, whilst knitting our motif, we mix these two motifs through sinking the primary motif once we chain. we can merge just one part. lady-dilendi-bey-begendi-motif-ile-doll-hirkasi-yapimi-2 girl-beggar-bey-begendi-motif-with-baby-hirkasi-yapi-2

The part we combine is in the back of the cardigan.

2) After completing the merging, we placed our motifs aspect by means of side and fold either one of them from the bottom right to the highest, and the fingers appear, as within the photo above. In different phrases, the primary row the place we began the motif corresponds to the armpit. We knit unmarried handrails into mutual loops and areas from the reverse side of the motif and pull the 2 in combination together. In this way, we combine both shoulders.

We cross up by pulling THREE chains. We knit 1 handrail on most sensible of every handrail. We knit 1 handrail in the house we pull 1 chain. In this manner, we come as much as the rear motif connecting segment. on this segment, we weave a handrail into the spaces left and right of the joint and transfer to the other a part of the collar. In this manner, we complete the first row by way of knitting handrails.

2) We pull up 3 chains and cross up. In the same way, we knit 1 handrail on most sensible of each handrail. We knit with a complete of three rows of handrails. We knit incessantly via adjusting the cardigan so that it doesn’t stretch throughout it.

We knit with red thread.

2) We knit 1 piece of handrails on every frequent needle.

We knit mustard yellow with colour thread.

3 ) We knit 1 needle on most sensible of every railing. within the part comparable to the left aspect of the cardigan, we can open 3 buttonholes among the common needles. After completing the queue, we connect our thread to the road that we wish the first button to return across and pull 4 chains and rely 3 common needles and three.

We knit FIVE thick needles into the chain and make the marrow thicker. you’ll be able to regulate the spacing between the buttonholes as you like.

FOUR) We knit THREE rows of needles on the arm ends by means of following the color transitions we make around the cardigan.

That’s it! < /




Health on your arms!

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