Making Baby Overalls and Hair Bands

Making Baby Overalls and Hair Bands
Making Baby Overalls and Hair Bands

Have You Ever tried knitting easy baby overalls that you can do with a unmarried knitting trend?

for those who know the way to knit hahaha there is no simple recipe.

This baby rompers and headband set will suit your babies rather well.

Let’s knit it very quickly. color ip4 mm knitting needle


* Suitable for 1 12 months antique babies.

1) Start with 34 stitches .

2) Knitted for 2 rows and button holes are opened on 2 sides.

* FOUR button holes are opened each 34 rows.

THREE) At The 103th position, FIVE harosha, 1 subil, 22 harosha, 1 subil, FIVE harosha.

4 ) Decrease in the similar way for 12 rows. (FIVE harosha, 12 harosha, 5 harosha).

FIVE) For FORTY EIGHT rows, FIVE harosha, 1 building up, 14 harosha, FIVE harosha.

< * in the course of the forty eighth row there will be FIVE harosha, 60 harosha, 5 harosha.

6) 24 stitches are far from both sides, making 118 stitches in total.

7) Over EIGHTY rows 118 stitches are knit in a loft.


1) Faces are divided into 25-25.

2) It Is knitted and reduce till it has handiest 7 haros in the form of 7 haros, 1 subtract, 17 haros for 32 rows.

baby rompers

Again Aspect

1) 7 harosha, 1 subha, 54 hahaha, 1 subhaha, 7 hahaha on 68 loops 32 rows are knitted.

2) 33 rows knit within the thirty third row, 22 are reduce into haros, 7 are knitted.


1) Knit 7 pairs for 48 rows and sewn to front.


1 ) Start with 21 loops.

2) Knit for 50 rows.

THREE) 7- It’s separated as 7-7 and FIFTY TWO rows are knitted THREE items separately.

4) The Three items separated are crossed together and collected in 1 skewer.

< strong> 5) 21 loops knit, lower and sewn via FIFTY TWO rows.

Use on excellent days.

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