Making Baby Overalls

If You Happen To are in search of simple baby jumpsuit recipes, welcome to our recipe!

If You understand the knitting needlework method, now we have introduced baby jumpsuit recipe easily. Let’s get started if we’re able to make colorful, adorable overalls.


Gazzal Organic Baby Cotton rope;
2 items of Green (427) color thread
1 piece of Yellow (420) colour ip5 mm knitting needles5 buttons


Entrance Side

* Appropriate for 1-2 years old babies.

1) 21 stitches It begins with>.

2) THREE rows of harosa knit.

3) 4. buttonholes are opened in the line. (THREE harosha, 1 buttonhole opens, FIVE harosha, 1 buttonhole opens, FIVE harosha, 1 buttonhole opened, THREE harosha knitted and 3 buttonholes are opened.)

4 ) 3 rows of troops knit. (a complete of 6 rows knit.)

5) 2 haros, 1 building up is completed from both sides.

< strong> * It continues to increase till 58 loops (34 rows) in the spit on each flat side of the knit.

6) (Color is changed.) 14 rows of tires are knitted. (2 inverted, 2 straight)

Again Facet

1) Get Started with 24 loops .

2) < / strong> 6 rows of knit knit.

3) Increments are constructed from each side until 54 loops .

FOUR) The collection of stitches is increased to 70 through 8 stitches both sides.

FIVE) 18 rows of harosa knit.

6) (Colour changed.) 14 rows of tires knit. (2 opposite, 2 straight)

* the front and back facets are combined. The joints are given a pleasant image via doing a row chain work. robust> knit.


1) start with EIGHT loops .

2) < strong> 28 rows of harosa knit .

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