Making Baby Shoes With Trolley

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We’re here with a recipe so one can make our boys glad.

How about knitting these adorable footwear that our children will like to put on and take off from their ft on chilly days?

Come on Let’s start!


Gazzal Baby Wool White (801) color knitting yarn Some red and black yarn for headlights and wheels3 mm skewers 2.5 mm crochet needle for wool


< Sh: Magic Ring

X: Widespread Needle

V: Increment


1. We Begin our business via throwing 47 loops.

2. We knit harosa for five rows.

THREE. 1 reverse, we knit 6 rows of rubber knitting, 1 flat. but if knitting the flat portions, we take the thread during the backside slot. So we make false liberties.

FOUR. We split it with a loop marker so that THIRTEEN loops stay on the edges. We go away 9 loops within the center. We knit the loops at the aspect one by one from left to right, knitting the center nostril section flat.

FIVE. We knit by way of slicing until 13 loops stay on the edges and complete the nostril phase.

6. We knit the wrist part 6 rows with 1 inverted and 1 flat.

7. We knit 6 rows flat as a result of we want the highest to be curved. and we cut it off.

Headlights (FOUR Items)

We knit with red thread.

1. 10x in Sh

We sew front parts of the booties.

Wheels (8 items)

We knit with white thread.

1. We transfer to Sh 6x

Black color thread.

2. (2x, 1v) * 2 (8x)

< We're stitching subsequent to the booties.

Our booties are ready!

arabic-booties-making-1 automotive-booties-making-1

Well Being to your palms

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