Making Baby Vest With Trolley

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We introduced you a perfect knitted baby vest.

you’ll be able to knit this knitting pattern with a purpose to suit especially the baby boys to your personal children or your loved ones’ kids.

This child vest with knitted newborn sizes is a super reward.

Let’s start presently!


Gazzal Baby Wool XL hand knitting threads;
1 piece of White (801XL) colour thread
1 piece of Grey (817XL) color thread3.5 mm Needle stitching thread and needle4 buttons

the right way to make

Vest size is infant size.

< The vest is started through knitting the bottom.

1. Knitting the knit for 12 rows, with SEVENTY TWO stitches 1 opposite and 1 flat.

2. Flat knitting is knitted for NINE rows after the tire.

THREE. Loops for three rows 2 loops grey, 2 loops white, 2 loops grey, 2 loops The roads are made through knitting in white. < /

4. Knit over THREE rows in the form of 2 loops white, 2 loops grey, 2 loops white, 2 loops gray, above the gray below, grey above white.

FIVE. Knit a undeniable weave with grey thread for ELEVEN rows to create a path. Afterwards, FOUR loops are made of gray and four loops are white and a pair of rows of knitting are made. Then knit once more with a grey thread for 11 rows of plain weave.

6. For the end of the street edges, 2 loops are knitted for three rows, with 2 loops being gray and a couple of loops are white. Then THREE rows are knitted in the type of 2 loops of white, 2 loops of grey, with white on best of grays, grey on top of whites. 10 loops are knitted as 1 opposite and 1 flat rubber knit.

EIGHT. FIVE loops are lower from either side for arm cutting.

9 . 26 stitches are knitted with FIVE loops of rubber on either side and a flat knit in the heart.

10. Separate 18 loops on each side and four rows. 1 opposite, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted right through.

ELEVEN. 18 rows of separate loops at the facet are knit 4 rows of flat knit. For the nape phase, all loops within the center section are cut.

12. Whilst knitting front portions, FORTY loops are started within the related manner because the back, until the arm reduce.

13. With the sleeve cut, the collar begins to be lower in V form. When the V-neck minimize is satisfactorily transparent, 10 rows of flat knit are knitted for each shoulders and reduce to mix with 18 loops separated by means of right and left on the again. do not forget.

The shoulders and sides of the vest are sewn and completed by sewing a few knit automobile and mesh lighting fixtures on it.

Buttons are sewn and the vest is done.


The Desired color is knitted with threads.

1. Begin via pulling 13 chains. ranging from 2 chains, 12 needles are made.

2. 12 needles are made along FOUR rows. an oblong shape is got.

3. 6 chains are drawn within the last row and a pair of ropes are wrapped in line with crochet and sunk into 2 chains. 8 chains are pulled again, 2 chains are jumped and sunk into the 3rd chain, so 2 automotive home windows are created.

And different automobiles are knitted within the favored colours and sewn to the vest.

stroller-baby-vest-construction stroller-child-vest-building

Health in your hand!

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