Making Booties for Little Feet

Hi everybody!

You’ll Be Able To follow this simple style, so one can add class to tiny feet, via converting its colors.

Made with the Lily made from Kartopu.

Let’s get started knitting right away!


Snowball Lily hand knitting threads;
1 Gentle Pink (K792) colour thread
1 Pistachio Green (K369) color thread
1 piece Mild Gray (K920) color thread3mm crochet



We knit with pistachio inexperienced colour thread.

1) We draw 15 chains, we make 12 handrails on it and we proceed with 4 rows of 12 handrails.

2) FIVE. We decrease 1 handrail from the suitable and left in the row.

3) We building up the two handrails we lower from the correct and left from the next row.

4) < / strong> 10. We continue to knit with 12 handrails as much as the row.

FIVE) Within The eleventh, 12th and thirteenth rows, we take away 1 railing from the appropriate and left and end the bottom with 6 rails.


We knit with mild gray color thread.

1) We move 2 rows of needles round it. we knit with color thread.

2) We make 1 row of common needles. We depend common needles in order that it doesn’t exceed 50.

THREE) Then we knit handiest 9 frequent needles for the nostril and knit 3 rows.

4) In the next row, we pull 3 chains and skip 2 frequent needles, and we stick with out common needles. We pull 3 chains again, bounce 2 common needles and sink 2 handrails into the next hole. We pull THREE chains and soar 2 handrails and we sink 2 handrails into the opening. on this method, we knit with 2 rows of crimson, 1 row of green, 1 row of gray threads by way of leaping 2 holes, pulling 3 chains and a couple of handrails in the comparable hole. we are careful to not overlap the binary handrails.

tiny-feet-boots-booties-made tiny-ft-boots -patik-yapimi

​​Good well being to your hands!

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