Making Brooch with Cherry Motif


The Elements is getting hotter however keep knitting the entire time!

We concept we should make cherries.

it is also nice that it’s seamless.

Let’s get started now!


Snowball Baby One hand knitting threads
Purple (K150) colour thread
Inexperienced (K1391 ) colour ip2.5 mm crochet


Cherry Grains

Let’s knit with pink colour thread.

1) Magic Let’s make 14 pairs of handrails on the ring and combine them with loop slip.

you’ll make cherry grains any selection of occasions. i feel 2 or 3 are perfect.

cherry-motif-with-bros-made-1 cherry-motif-with -bros-yapimi-1

Leaves and Stems

Let’s knit with green thread.

1) from anywhere in the cherries Let’s tie the rope and pull 9 chains.

2) Let’s tie the rope to the opposite cherry and pull 10 chains.

3) Keep the previous cherry at the backside, let’s mix it with the frequent needle.

Stems are mixed.

cherry -motif-with-bros-construction-2


4) Now we draw 7 chains and knit 1 frequent needle, 1 double handrail, 2 triple handrails, 1 double handrail, 1 common needle respectively.

5) Let’s draw 7 chains again for the opposite leaf and observe the same operations.

6) The ultimate two Let’s hang the care for to where where we connect it by way of sliding. Let’s lower and conceal the ropes.

Our cherry motif is set!



Use it as an appliqué on your clothes or use it as a brooch or key ring.

i am hoping you loved my recipe. I desire you a nice knitting.

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