Making Capri Children’s Trousers

Hi everyone!

Even Supposing the elements gets hotter, we do not stop knitting, proper?

These Days we said, let’s knit capri pants together!

when you wish to join us, now we are beginning!


Snowball Rosebuds hand knitting threads
1 Olive Inexperienced (K442) color thread
1 Beige (K353) colour thread5 mm

Sizes are suitable for 1 12 months old.

We knit with olive green color thread.

1) We Commence our knitting with 26 loops.

2) We knit 1 flat, 1 reverse rubber knitting till 12 rows are completed.

THREE) Flat knitting with out 10 rows increase We knit it. (22nd row-24th row-twenty sixth row-twenty eighth row) in this approach we succeed in 30 loops. We knit a complete of 30 rows from the beginning of the tire to 30 loops.

this fashion we knit 2 pieces and now we have 2 trotters.

FIVE) we knit directly from the beginning. on this approach, we continue to knit till 60 rows in total from the tire.

capri-child-pants-construction-1 capri-youngsters-pants-making-1

6) SIXTY ONE. We make 1 opposite and 1 flat rubber knitting along 8 rows so as.

7) We knit 20 loops and cut 1 within the twenty first loop, we knit EIGHT loops. in the 30th loop, we open 1 more buttonhole. We continue knitting till we have completed 12 rows.

capri-child-pants-construction-2 capri-kid- pants-making-2

EIGHT) 13. ONCE WE flip round if we flip round, we knit all the row straight and fold it down. We complete our knitting through making tires again until 24 rows are completed.

capri- child-pants-making-3




9) We knit the again phase with out buttonholes within the similar method.

10) We get ready laces and a pair of pompoms with our beige color thread. After sewing our pieces together by stitching them, we move our pompom lacing in the course of the buttonholes we open within the waist of the pants.

capri-child-pants-construction-5 capri-kids-pants-development-5

Our pants are able!

capri-child-pants-construction capri-kids-pants-making

Just Right bye!

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