Making Cat Socks with 2 Skewers

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Are people who love knit socks right here?

This cat socks that you just can simply knit is for you!

2 skewers With this cat sock you’ll be able to knit and finish, you’ll be able to make it colorful, colourful and gift to your loved ones.

Let’s start!


La Mia Pastel Cotton hand knitting threads;
2 pieces of Gray (L062) colour thread
2 pieces of Black (L006) color thread
1 piece of Purple (L004) color rope3.5 mm knitting needle Needle


Start with a grey thread.

1) Begin through throwing FIFTY FOUR loops with two skewers and knit a rubber knit till it is FOUR cm within the form of 2 opposite, 2 flat.

Whilst starting knitting, the first loops are all the time taken with out knitting.

2) After the rubber phase, a complete of 30 rows are knitted by means of making 1 row of plain and 1 row of opposite knitting. for those who wish, you’ll be able to knit your socks longer or shorter at any duration from tire to heel.

3) The heel of the sock is installed over part the number of stitches (over 27 loops). The Opposite 27 loops are stored at the spit till the heel ends.

While the heel is ready on the primary (proper pair) (last) 27 loops, the pair of socks might be knitted right (left). knitting is began on the face.

4) The Primary 27 loops are knitted with harosa knitting, again knitting is finished without knitting the first loop.

in the turns, knitting keeps with out knitting the primary loops. Knitting the 2nd loop, proceed knitting till 1 loop is left at the end and return again without knitting 1 loop. Therefore, a loop is not knitted on the beginning and end of the needle. in the comparable approach, the 2nd loops on the starting and the end of the skewer are left with out knitting and again. Those procedures are persevered until the choice of knitting stitches is 7 on the beginning and at the end. The loops left at the starting and on the finish are removed from every loop, and the heel section is finished via reducing them together.

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5) After the heel, 25 rows are knitted in the form of 1 row of undeniable and 1 row of reverse weave.

6) (haro┼ča) is based at the face. For this, the cat is completed by means of knitting the colours and numbers underneath (shown in Gray G, Black S and Purple OK.)

1. 34G-1S-11G-1S-7G FIVE.

6G-3S-9G-3S-33G 6. 3G-3G-9S-9S-30G

3. 32G-5S-7G-5S-5G 7. 30G-9S-3G-3G-9S

4. 4G-7S-5G-7S-31G EIGHT. 3G-9S-3G-9S-30G

7) 4 rows of knit. The eyes are completed through knitting 7G-4S-5G-4S-34G. FIVE rows knit in black.

1. 39S-3K-12S 3. 39S-12S-3K

2. 12S-3K-39S 4. 13S-1K-40S

8) After FIVE rows of black colour are knitted, the operations on the heel section are repeated on the primary 27 loops on the opposite (harosha) face of the sock. The loops within the needle are centered and 1 hidden loop is removed from the center. This hidden (heart) loop is changed via the appropriate sew, and 3 stitches at the side of the 3rd stitch at the left are cut in combination. Therefore, THREE loops are reduce in combination and one loop is lowered in each knitting right and left. Each cut sew is changed with the fitting of it. 3 to the left.

After the nose of the sock is finished, the cat’s whiskers are made with a needle. the fitting facet of the socks is done through stitching the side part.

Sock the appropriate pair was once built on the primary 27 loops, the cat at the last 27 loops. When knitting the left pair, the opposite is done. The left pair can be made with the other colours besides as with the similar colours.

We shared the simple socks making with two skewers with you. ? “what number of cm will I knit the only real?” you can ask. for the reason that tutorial of socks with skewers is began with rubber, you’ll start your socks by means of throwing a loop in accordance for your personal size. you should knit the duration of the sole THREE cm less than the period of your sole in order that your base is whole with the nostril phase.

2-sisle-cat-corap-making 2-fog-cat-corap-making

Well Being for your hand!

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