Making Cat Toy Amigurumi “Crispy”

Making Cat Toy Amigurumi “Crispy”
Making Cat Toy Amigurumi “Crispy”


1 Los Angeles Mia Child Cotton rope (L045) 1 Snowball Amigurumi yarn (K787) 2.FIVE mm crochet 8 mm eyeOya thread, Scissors, Needle, Fiber, Rattle, Silicone.


x: Common needle
a: Build Up
e : Subtract
Again loop: Knitting from the back loop


Ears (2 pieces)

1. 6x into the magic ring

2. 6v (12)


1. 6x
2. 6v (12x)
THREE. x, 3x to the similar image, 3x, 3x to the same loop, 3x to the same loop, 3x, 2x (18x)
FOUR. 2x to the similar loop 3x, 5x, 3x to the similar loop, 5x, 3x to the same loop, 3x (24x)
< strong> 5. 3x, 3x to the similar loop, 7x, 3x to the similar loop, 7x, 3x to the similar loop, 4x (30x)
6. 4x, 3x to the same loop, 9x , 3x, 9x, 3x, 5x (36x) to the similar loop
7. Back loop (36x)
8-ELEVEN. 36x < /

We reduce small items of needle thread for mustache.

We glue it from the back with silicone. Since we wear the eyes facet via side, we don’t put on their backs. We also stick the eyes and ears with silicone. you’ll be able to trim the ends of the mustache with scissors to cause them to look smoother.

12. 4x, THREE stitches together, 9x , THREE loops decrease together, 9x, THREE loops decrease together, 5x (30x)
13. 3x loops in combination THREE loops, 7x loops in combination 3 loops, 7x loops together 3 loops , 4x (24x)

html>” /></h6><p>2x, THREE loops lower together, 5x, THREE loops decrease together, 5x, 3 loops decrease together, 3x (18x) <br /> 15. 1x, THREE loops together, 3x, 3 loops in combination, 3x, 3 loops together, 2x (12x) <br /> 16. 6e</p><p> We shut our weave and minimize the thread.</p><h4> <img src=


1. We pull EIGHTY chains.
2. 17v, 1x1v to finish of row

After knitting the tail, the remainder parts of the beginning and completing threads you can create a ring where you can swipe your finger.

After sewing the tail,” CRACK “manner ready

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