Making Child Cardigan

Making Child Cardigan
Making Child Cardigan

It Is prime time to arrange your children for autumn!

we now have introduced a sweet or sweet kid cardigan recipe that people who know the skewers can easily knit. you can design the cardigan model you can knit best with the apparent knitting methodology within the colors you want.


L. A. Mia Baby Cotton rope;
2 items of White (L001) colour thread
1 piece of Yellow (L043) color rope3 mm ONE HUNDRED cm line skewers 6 buttons < h2> Coaching


* Cardigan is suitable for 5-6 years old.

1) The Road is started with 96 loops.

2) 7 rows of tires are made. (1 reverse, 1 flat)

Button place is constituted of two aspects.

3) EIGHT loops are knitted from the highest and bottom. 12 loops are knit flat. 1 Building Up, 1 flat knit, 1 building up, ELEVEN straight, 1 building up, 1 straight, 1 building up, 30 straight, 1 building up, 1 instantly, 1 increase, ELEVEN immediately, 1 increase, 1 straight, 1 build up, 12 straight, EIGHT tires are made.

* This process is completed in 44 rows and armpit.


1) < / strong> Simple weave is made with 30 rows of white, rubber on the beginning and on the end. the following 30 rows transfer forward with 2 yellow and a couple of white undeniable weaves.

2) Finished with 10 rows of tires.

* Tire 158 It becomes a loop.

* Drill holes for the button from a tire in 21 rows.


1) Continue with 66 loops from the remainder of the armpit.

2) The selection of stitches drops to 42 through creating a relief in 2 rows for SEVENTY SEVEN rows. Knitting 10 rows as FORTY TWO loops of rubber.

Let your children use your handcraft card in good days.

Excellent well being.

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