Making Child Panduf with Felt Base

Hi knitting fans,

i’m very happy to percentage with you the felt-based kid’s home panduf recipe that you can quickly and enjoyable in a single day.

i’m hoping you like it too.

Let’s start!


2 YarnArt Denims Crazy hand knitting threads5 mm skewer1 Snowball Anakuzusu hand knitting yarn1 30 number felt base3.5 mm crochet


1. 26 loops are stitched and 1 flat, 1 reverse rubber knit is knitted for 20 rows.

2. Then FOUR tooth Knit until knitting.

3. After the knitting, 6 stitches are lower from both sides and 14 stitches in 14 stitches are knitted.

4. Then, for the nose phase, every stitch is cut from every row till 5 stitches are left, and when 5 stitches remain, this time, one stitch is higher in each row and continue to increase until 14 stitches. Whilst there are 14 loops, 15 tooth are knitted and the knitting procedure is repeated by way of repeating the slicing and extending techniques we observe from the nostril section in order that the heel section is formed. As I proportion within the photos beneath, sewing is finished.








sece-base-with-kid-pandufu- make-FOUR



5. Galley Double handrails are made for 1 row with usu rope.

6. The felt base is crocheted with double crochet with crochet hook.

Three pairs of handrails are made only on the nostril and heel.

7. The felt base that’s treated with a crochet hook is blended with the crochet needle with the needle needle manner.

kece-base-with-child-pandufu-construction-6 kece-base-with-child- pandufu-yapimi-6

And Ready!

kece-base-with-child-pandufu-construction-7 kece-sole-with-kid-pandufu-yapi-7

Use in good days!

you must make it for decent feet on cold wintry weather days

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