Making Christmas Socks


We’ve come up with a Christmas socks knitting style that you just can wear at the New Yr, gift for your family members, knit in a pair of hours or extra!


Alize Cotton Gold Plus Purple, White and Green colour ip4 mm crochet


Sh: magic ring

Build Up

x: widespread needle

dc: double handrail

dcv: (Making 2 double handrails for 1 loop)

dca: relief (knitting 2 double handrails as 1 double handrail)


The recipe is for the number 38-39.

Knitting begins from the fingertip.

Inexperienced begins with the thread.

< strong> 1) 2 chains are drawn into Sh and 10dc

2) 10v (20dc)

3) (1dc, 1dcv) * 10 (30dc)

4)  30dc

White color is changed.

5) (5dc, 1dcv) * 7 (35dc)

Purple color there is a rope.

6) 35dc

One row of white color and one row of purple color;

7-17) 35dc)

Inexperienced colour rope is modified. (Heel section)

18) 25dc is knitted, the remaining 10dc isn’t knitted, best with 2 chains.

19) 25dc is moved to the highest with 2 chains.

20) 25dc is moved to the top with 2 chains.

21) 25dc, most sensible with 2 chains.

22) 6dc, 6dca, 6dc

23) 4dc, 5dca, 4dc

Heel section is over!

Red colour rope is changed.

24) Whilst knitting the heel, 10dc is knitted via tying a crimson rope. Proceed from the twenty third turn and return to the entire spherical. (The order marked with black in the photo)

White colour is rope .

25) 1dc

Crimson colour is changed to every loop.

26) Every loop 1dc

White colour is changed.

27) 1dc of each loop is

Crimson colour is changed.

28) 1dc

White color is changed to every loop. (you can also knit with a bearded string, if any)

29) 3dc, 1dca

30) 1x for each loop

Be Aware: In Case You wish to knit at different foot numbers, you can modify it by knitting extra rows within the phase we knit 12 rows 35dc or through decreasing the number of rows.

Use in excellent days!

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