Making Colorful Decorative Pillows

Hi everyone!

I’m here with a recipe that you simply can weave with pleasure and end briefly and mean you can evaluate your last threads!

Let’s get started! you’ll be able to additionally use hola threads.) 2.5 mm crochet


1) The Specified measurement chain is pulled.

2) A double row of handrails is made on it and finished. on this way, a strip is created.

3) The chain is pulled once more and a double row of handrails is made on it.

Each And Every strip of double handrails is knitted with different colors.

4) A TOTAL of 24 long strips are knitted.

5) 12 are stacked subsequent to every different at the left aspect, 12 from one another. handed. it’s sewn from the sides.

6) A undeniable knit piece is knitted or fabric can also be used for the again.

it is sewn by making pompoms on its FOUR facets.

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