Making Colorful Flower Coasters

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We’ve Got prepared a coaster fashion to be able to color your tea time with the colors with a purpose to be the harbors of spring.

you’ll be able to mix it with different colours.

Let’s start!


Gazzal Child Cotton XL hand knitting threads;
Mild Blue (3423XL) color thread
Mild Crimson (3411XL) color thread
Mustard Yellow (3417XL) colour ip2.2 crochet


Sh: Magic ring

X: Common needle

Dc: Double handrail

Zn: Chain

Cc: Sew shift


Start with blue color thread.

1. 4zn, 1dc, 1zn into Sh. it is repeated until 12dc in general. the first chain is sunk to the top and merged with cc.

The pink colour is put on the rope.

2. The rope is fastened in one of the areas drawn and 4d is pulled, 2dc is done. 3dc is got with the chain. the opposite chain space is handed to 3dc. Until the top of the row, the chain spaces are made in 3dc and sunk into the top of the chain and mix with cc.





Blue colour rope is modified.

. luke skipped different area 1x, 2zn, skip one space to another area 1x.

1cc is made and mixed.



Yellow colour rope is switched.

4. within the meantime, 2zn we take work among. Rope is mounted within the Zn area. 3dn withdraw and 2dc is done. a complete of 3dc is bought. the opposite chain area is handed to 3dc. Till the end of the row, 3dc is made to each chain house and blended with cc at the top of the row.

color-cicek-glass-coaster-construction- 4


Red color is modified.

5. 6zn is pulled and the similar needle is immersed in 1dc. Skip 2x and make the following sew 1dc, 3zn, 1dc. the similar operations are endured until the top of the queue.

The chain replaces 1dc and a total of 5dc is accomplished. Instantly make 1x to the aspect gap and move to the opposite hole and make 5dc and 1x to the aspect loop again. the same operations are repeated till the top of the row and combined with 1cc.




And performed!

Just Right health and amusing!

color-cicek-tumbler-construction- 9

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