Making Cookie Man Christmas Tree Ornament

Best New Year Knitting Patterns
Best New Year Knitting Patterns

I AM right here with any other great recipe for you to experience the brand new Year spirit in your properties. When I say new yr, i feel of Santa Claus, crimson socks and gingerbread man. in keeping with the table, at some point an vintage lady without a kid baked a cookie within the form of a person and the baked cookie came alive. Our cookie guy was once born out of ropes and found a place in the Christmas tree. if you happen to need to make a cookie guy to decorate your Christmas tree, then come to my recipe…


1 Snowball Love Cotton Beige colour rope a bit of White and Red colour ip2.FIVE mm crochet FIVE items of black beads Wool needle < h2> Training


Start with a beige colored thread.

1) We make magic rings and make 11 double handrails inside of.

2) We make 2 double handrails on top of each handrail, we’ve a complete of 22 handrails.

3) We proceed with out breaking the rope and pull 7 chains for the first arm. We go back on the chain and sink into the third chain and we make 3 triple handrails and 1 quadruple handrail in a row. We combine the arm we made via pulling the chain from the start of the arm we began to FOUR handrails with looping.

4) After skipping 1 sew with loop shift from where we attach the arm, we pull 10 chains and sink into the 4th chain and make 6 quad razors. We combine the leg we made with FOUR loops from the place we pulled 10 chains with a loop shift. We make the other leg right subsequent to it without leaving any area. Then we skip 1 stitch with loop shift and make the other arm.

So we complete the body.


We Start with a beige colour string.

1) Make a magic ring for the top and positioned 10 in it We make double handrails.

2) We make a total of 20 double handrails by making 2 handrails on every handrail, so we are finished.

We cross the chain with the loop wrapping across the cookie man we knit with the final white thread .

We sew the beads as eyes and buttons. we’re processing his mouth with a crimson rope. We connect a string to the center of his head from at the back of, so that we will cling it with a needle. And Cookie Guy Christmas Tree Decoration is set.

Good health in your hands.

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