Making Cute Kids Berets

Hi knitting lovers,

I percentage with you the making of the cute children’s hat I made with you. h2> 1 YarnEnd Vintage Baby Inexperienced colour ip4 mm skewer


is suitable for two years vintage.

1) We Begin our knitting with SIXTY SIX loops.

2) We knit 2 directly, 2 reverse rubber knit in 10 rows.

3) We Begin our flat knit in eleventh position .

4) From rubber knit then I knit ONE HUNDRED TEN rows of flat knitting, you’ll be able to alter the duration as you want.

5) After knitting our A HUNDRED AND TEN rows of flat knitting, 10 rows of two flat, 2 opposite rubber we are finishing our weave.

6)   Doubling our braid in part and stitch it from the sides.

7) You’ll create eyes, mouths or different figures at the hat both through button or via processing.

Hope you will have a pleasing day

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