Making Daisy Weave Earrings


Today we will be able to make an overly chic daisy rings with you.

i’m hoping you will like the fashion.

Let’s start knitting our trendy earrings in an instant!


Snowball Amigurumi Magenta (K1709) color hand knitting thread2.5 mm crochetEarring apparatus


1) Let’s make 2 double handrails to the magic ring with THREE chain durations. There have to be a complete of 4 handrail teams.

2) Let’s transfer into the space with the scroll approach. Let’s pull 3 chains and make FIVE double handrails and pull THREE chains and grasp them into the space with a needle. Let’s move to the opposite house with the scroll method and repeat the similar procedure.

Let’s reduce and hide the rope.

Our earring is ready for use.

if you want, you’ll be able to overview it as a necklace or as a pendant. you’ll even flip it into a bracelet via making a few and including it finish to finish. you’ll be able to additionally use it as applique on your clothes.

daisy-knot-cup-making daisy-knitting-cup-making

Excellent success!

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