Making Easy Knit Coaster

Hi everyone,

Lately we will be able to knit with you these adorable coaster that’s slightly easy to make.

Let’s start in no time!


Spagettiyarn Barbante Lilac (20) hand knitting yarn
4 mm crochet


1) We make THIRTEEN common needles into the magic ring. First, we stick the needle into the needle and make the hoop.

2) We pull 6 chains. We mix it with the frequent needle by means of sinking at the next widespread needle. We repeat the same process all the way through the hoop. we will have created 12 chain blanks in total.

3) We transfer our crochet to the top of the primary chain we make with the process of sliding and we pull chains. We whole the collection through making 3 frequent needles in each chain cavity. Due To The Fact That we started by pulling a chain in the primary chain space, we make 2 widespread needles. We combine it to the highest of what we did first and complete the series on this method.

4) We pull 2 ​​chains. We continue by means of making one needle on each needle. First we make it via sticking at the needle and reduce the thread.

We conceal excess threads.

Our coaster is about!

Making Easy Knit Coaster

Making Easy Knit Coaster

Well Being to your hand!

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