Making Efe Vest with Bear

Hi There !

I mixed Efe vest with lovely teddy bears and designed an excellent vest type.

i will let you know how to make this gorgeous vest.

Let’s get started knitting right away!


Himalaya Everyday Tremendous Lux hand knitting threads;
Beige (73441) color thread
Brown (73433) color rope4 mm skewers2.FIVE mm crochet2 pieces brown color4 pieces black bead4 buttons



Beige color is knitted with string.

Buttonhole is opened FOUR occasions at regular intervals.

< strong> 1) It starts with THREE stitches. Knitting a harosa knitting till it increases to 35 loops by means of expanding a proper and left sew.

2) Knitting the harosa until it reaches the required period and 7 loops are cut on the finish of the arm.

< THREE) Also, while chopping the arm section from one part of the skewer, the loop is minimize to one all the way through every harosha and the collar section is created.

The collar reduce duration need to be 18 tooth harosha.

FOUR) The collar is cut to the neck period, then the shoulder is knit immediately. the opposite front phase is knitted in this method.


Beige color is knitted.

1) It starts with 60 loops and Knit with a knit till the sleeve lower.

2) Seven loops on all sides are minimize for the sleeve and knit immediately without cutting till the top of the shoulder.

3) Our mane is done by sewing from the shoulder to the edges.


Brown colour knit.

1) 20 loops are thrown. and knit with haro.

2) The bow tie is adjusted and cut in keeping with the period.

THREE) It’s squeezed within the center and sewn to the vest.

Teddy Bear

Brown colour is knitted with string.

1) 14 double handrails are made into the magic ring.

2) 2. loops are at all times double handrails.

THREE) 3. 1 unmarried and 1 pair of handrails are made to the loops in order.

4) 5 handrails are made within the similar position for the ear with widespread needles on the aspect. 8 loops are left among the 2 ears.


Beige knit with string.

1) 14 handrails are made into the magic ring. .

2) 2. THE ROAD is often double-dipped and the string is lower.

Ribbon, eyes and nose also are finished and sewn to our vest.

sunflower-efe-vest-making sunflower-efe-vest-making

Make it easy for everyone who is aware of!

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