Making Felt Bags From Knitting Bags


1 ball Snowball Felting Wool Prints (D3151) 6 mm crochet needle and scissors


1) We Start our knitting by pulling 50 chains. ranging from the third chain, we’re making 48 double handrails.
2-21) We’re making FORTY EIGHT double handrails.
Our weave is completed.


It Might be washed only once. do not prewash. Placed it in a whole machine (it provides better effects with hard laundry, denims, towels, i attempted a couple of occasions, this rope doesn’t colour). Use only laundry detergent or Arabian soap without using a fabric conditioner. Wash at a temperature of 60 degrees, the higher it attracts. Wash at most NINETY levels to avoid excessive pull.

After felting our knitting We fold it into THREE and stitch it at the facets.

Just Right well being.

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