Making Floral Ornaments for USB Memory

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USB sticks are now a part of our lives! Are you uninterested in your USB sticks getting misplaced or tousled? Then this knitting type, which adds modification and grace for your USB sticks, is simply for you!

Let’s speak about this gorgeous flower, that is simple and fast to prepare, you’ll knit out of your increased threads in the colour you want!

Ă–renbayan Dora and the like. threads2.5 mm wool crochet bead to decorateWe start with the needle



Pink color.

1) we start through creating a magic ring. for those who don’t need to use a magic ring, you’ll start knitting by way of pulling 5 chains and forming a ring. We whole the primary row by knitting 6 common needles into the ring.

We transfer to the blue colour rope.

2) Within The second row, no longer via the top of the needles but through sinking to the bottom. We make 2 common needles. We knit a complete of 12 widespread needles. We whole the middle part of our flower.

We knit with white thread.

3) We proceed to knitting the flower petals. We tie our thread to the middle of our flower with our white thread. On The Grounds That we will be able to knit 6 petals, we divide the loops. We use 2 loops for each petal. The Use Of unmarried handrails, we knit the first loop once and the opposite loop two times with single handrails. We knit the one handrails, or differently the fake needle, by means of putting a rope into our crochet hook, through stitching it into the loop and solving all of them in combination. We get a rather coarser symbol than the standard needle.

4) We opposite our flower and knit THREE unmarried handrails once more. We reverse it once more and this time we proceed through knitting needles ceaselessly. in order to continue with out cutting, we continue by way of knitting incessantly with the needle coming down from the left a part of our petal. when we reach the start line, we repeat the similar procedure and knit our 6 petals and complete the knitting procedure.


We knit in layers with crimson and blue colored threads.

< strong> 1) We continue to knitting the branch part. We pull 3 chains and sink to the ground of our rope. We do the same procedure 2-three times. We degree and lower our 20 cm thread.

2) We pass our thread via the center of our flower. We restore our ropes to the bottom of the flower. you can tie a node.

usb-memory-for-flower-sus-build-1 usb-memory-for- cicekli-sus-yapimi-1

THREE) We proceed to chain pull by taking our crochet hook. We pull about FIVE-6 cm of chain and end. We thread our ropes throughout the hole of the USB reminiscence stick. We disguise the rest threads by way of passing them throughout the chain.


1) In Spite Of Everything, we sew our beads to the middle part of the flower and end the ornament of our USB reminiscence.

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