Making Fluffy Baby Blanket

It’ll stay our babies warm,

It Is Going To provide it peace with its cushy structure,

Are you ready to make a very simple and speedy fluffy blanket?


3 pieces of Snowball Baby Moon Lilac hand knitting yarn7 mm spitCartoon Flake-Sequin Needle, thread

Completed Dimension

ONE HUNDRED * 100 cm


1) 99 loops are began.

2) Flat knitting is knitted.

3) Duration 1 mt

FOUR) It’s sewed from time to time.

It’s that easy!

fluffy-baby-blanket-making-1 fluffy-baby-blanket-making-1

You Can knit so much of different colors and give gifts to your loved ones.

fluffy-baby-blanket-making-2 fluffy-child-blanket-production-2

Hope you have a good day …

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