Making Fluffy Rabbit Cardigan


Snowball Main Lamb rope;
FIVE Beige (K855) colour rope
2 Brown (K883) ip4 mm skewers3.5 mm rebar skewers


Suitable for 2-3 years vintage youngsters. Via increasing the collection of stitches, you can additionally adapt it on your older children.


A 60 knit is began with a brown thread and a knit is knitted until it turns into 5 cm.

< strong> 2) After reaching FIVE cm, 25 cm plain weave is knitted with Beige colour rope and the seat is reached. As for the arm part, it’s reduce from all sides as 3-2-1-1. Then THIRTEEN cm is knitted and completed.

Front (2 pieces)

1) 30 stitches are started with brown thread and knit within the same method till 5 cm. .

2) Then we transfer to our Beige colour as done on the again. We knit until the arm comes home. once we come to the arm house, 3-2-1 loops are reduce from one facet.

THREE) After knitting some other 3 cm, a cutting process is applied in 2 rows for the collar section, knitting period is finished according to the back. .

Arm (2 pieces)

1) Start the rope with a brown thread and knit 5 cm by knitting the Beige color and knit flat till it’s 15 cm.

2) Then knit two rows on all sides via increasing a loop, till the arm width in the body reaches the width. When the arm length is 38 cm, the process is ended.

All parts of the cardigan are stitched and joined in combination.


1) Finally the items of the cardigan are stitched and blended, loops are taken from the entire collar with the assistance of a THREE.5 mm line needle and knit flat until the bottom part is 15 cm.

2) These loops 3 is divided into; the center section is knitted and the other 2 portions are reduced by means of one stitch and a hat appearance is created. the method is ended and the ear section is passed.

Ears (2 pieces)

15 loops are started with brown thread. After knitting 8 cm of simple knitting, knitting is finished on either side till 1 stitch is left.

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