Making Four Leaf Clover Earrings / Brooch

Hello pricey knitting fans,

As Of Late we will make a four leaf clover to convey us all success.

we wish our recipe keychain, you can use it as a brooch or as a earring.

you’ll be able to even stitch it to your garments with the purpose of knitting appliqué.

you can even stick it at the ice cream sticks with silicone.

What’s more…

Let’s visit our recipe without dropping time.


1 Kartopu Amigurumi Inexperienced (K1390) colour hand knitting thread2.5 mm crochet


1) Magic ring is made and 10 chains are drawn.

2) 4 chains are skipped, 2 triple handrails, 2 double handrails, 2 widespread needles are comprised of 5 chains and fixed by loop stitching to the start.

four-leaf-clover-cup-construction-1 dort -leaf-clover-cup-making-1

3) 10 chains and the second item is repeated.

4) Pull 10 chains and repeat merchandise 2.

5) Repeat 10 chains and repeat item 2.

There Were 4 leaves in general.

four-leaf-clover-cup-construction-2 4-leaf-clover-cup-making-2

6) Beginning at the other side of the 10 chains we pulled down first, 2 frequent needles, 2 double handrails, 2 Let’s make triple handrails, pull THREE chains and fix them with loop slip. We reached the top of the leaf. Let’s make a slide method by sticking within the holes in the heart part of the shaped leaf. Let’s go all the way down to the bottom and connect it to the last magic ring and move to the other leaf.

four-leaf-clover-cup-construction-3 4-leaf-clover-cup-making-3

7) We practice merchandise 6 to all four leaves. Finally, we restore it to the start line and pull ELEVEN chains. We make 10 widespread needles from 1 chain again and fix it to the start line. The stem section has also been shaped.

four-leaf-clover-cup-making 4-leaf-clover-cup -made

I knit the four leaf clover development with pleasure, the most efficient part is that it ends briefly.

i am positive you’ll adore it too.

Delightful knitting.

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