Making Gift Magnets with Tulle

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We Have brought you a very sensible, very easy knitting trend so that it will be helpful for you.

Let’s get started now!


Snowball Amigurumi hand knitting threads;
1 White (K010) colour thread
1 Grey (K920 ) colour ip3 items of black beads2 mm crochet Magnet, key ring equipment


Start with white colour string.

1) 20 chains are drawn and the first chain is looped A spherical is created by way of scrolling.

2) The series is done by means of pulling 2 chains and creating a unmarried handrail in a slot and a double handrail in a slot.

3)   The series is completed by way of making 2 unmarried and 1 double handrails to the loops. Pulling 2 chains, leaping 8 handrails and creating a handrail over the 9th handrail. Whilst there are 12 handrails together with this handrail, EIGHT handrails are jumped with out a chain and a handrail is made at the best of the 9th handrail. The white thread is minimize by way of making a measurement discrimination with 12 handrails at the front and again dimension.

jumpsuit-gift-magnet-making-1 jumpsuit-present-magnet-development-1

Grey color is placed at the rope.

FIVE) Tie the string proper in the heart of the front body and best every of the handrails. The collection is finished by means of making double handrails. yet one more row of double handrails is made.

Beads are sewn as buttons. Straps are made by pulling the chain.

it’s finished by means of pasting a magnet at the back of it remaining. when you want, you can attach the important thing ring apparatus and use it as a key ring.

tulum-gift-magnet-construction-2 tulum- reward-magnet-yapimi-2

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