Making Glass Pile

Hello !! A Really Perfect design that you just can use in coffee or soup cups with or with out handles!

it’s both easy and stress-free to knit!

Seeing That knitting a recipe for days may be very dull, it is going to hold a simple care for that you can knit in a single sitting. I designed it, desire you enjoy!


Colorful Los Angeles Mia Cottony hand knitting threads2.FIVE quantity crochet


1) 4 we make a magic ring.

2) 1. we draw 3 chains for the row and we make more double handrails to the similar loop, we knit 3 double handrails to the opposite loops.






we pull THREE chains for the row, we reverse the sample once more and we sink 3 double handrails into the empty house within the heart, we pull 3 chains and come to the corner, leaving THREE chains between the same area and knitting triple double handrails within the middle, once more we sink 3 double handrails. and we move to the opposite nook by means of pulling 3 chains, we knit 3 double handrails into the gap in the corner, as we did in the earlier corner, we draw THREE chains and again we knit 3 double handrails from the similar area, that is the way in which we end. cup-knock-down-4 cup-knock-down-FOUR

5) THREE. When the sequence is done, we close the loop with the first loop of the row and lower our thread.

We knit two more pieces just like the piece now we have.

glass-crash-making-5 glass-kikgi-yapimi-5

6) We combine three pieces in combination through knitting or sewing aspect via side.

glass-crash-making-6 < / div> glass-twist of fate-making-6



7) Depending On the dimensions of our cup, we pull the chain at 4-6 intervals via connecting the top junction from both ends and we damage our bulge ropes.

glass-accident-making-8 glass-kikgi-yapimi-8

We Can now get dressed his sweater in our glass.

glass-accident-making-9 glass-casserole-making-9

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