Making Heart Bookends

Are you here who wish to knit special presents in preference to giving gifts to your family members?

Are you ready to knit an excessively special reward with this knitting type that you just can simply make?

Let’s get started!


1 Snowball Baby One Purple (K125) color ip2 mm crochetBeadfiberSewing needle


zn: Chain

x: Frequent needle

v: Building Up

a: Lower

m: 3 stitches reduction on the similar time

dc: Double handrail

en: Triple handrail

cc: Stitch shift



1)  We Begin with 62 zn.

2) We make 60x from the third sew.

3) 1 zn, flip, 3cc, 1x, 1dc, to the similar loop (3tr, 1dc, 1cc), 3cc, 1x, 1dc to the same loop (3tr, 1dc, 1cc) to get a total of 9 half hearts. how lengthy we repeat the process. after we arrive on the finish of the row, we make 6cc to the remainder 6 loops and we make the upper a part of the braid by 2cc and move to the opposite part of the chain.

4) We Begin with 6 cc in the opposite part of the chain.

By doing the other of the methods in the article, we repeat and finish till we get 9 hearts in overall.

Massive Center

1) 3 times from the third sew and (3)

2) 2zn, flip, 1v, 1x, 1v (5)

3) 2zn, turn , 1v, 3x, 1v (7)

4) 2zn, turn, 1v, 5x, 1v (NINE)

5)  2zn, turn, 1v, 7x, 1v (11)

6) 2zn, flip, 1v, 9x, 1v (13)

7) 2zn, flip, 1v, 11x, 1v (15)

8) 2zn, flip, 1v, 13x, 1v (17)

9-10) 2zn, flip, 17x, (17)

ELEVEN) 2zn, turn, 1a, 6x, (7)

12) 2zn, flip, 1a, 5x, (6)

13) 2zn, turn, 1a, 2x, 1a (FOUR)

14) Do 2z, flip, 2a, pull 1 go away and encompass the center with the needle, and continue to the opposite finish of the 11th row. Ahead Of achieving the eleventh row, we make 1m of the ground 3 loops, that’s the primary beginning of the center, and once we achieve the 11th row:

15) 2zn, turn, 1a, 6x, (7)

16) 2zn, turn, 1a, 5x, (6)

17) 2zn, flip, 1a, 2x, 1a (4)

18) We do 2zn, flip, 2a.

While the collection is over, we continue to surround the needle with frequent needles till we finish within the eleventh row and reduce the thread. We don’t enclose the middle part of the guts with frequent needles.

We knit 2 huge hearts and join them together with out chopping the thread of the 2nd heart and fill and shut the inside with a small amount of bead fiber. We sew it on the upper a part of the body with the needle as within the symbol.

Small Center

1) 2 occasions from the third stitch and 2x (2)

2) 2zn , turn, 2v (FOUR)

3) 2zn, turn, 1v, 2x, 1v (6)

4) 2zn, turn, 1v, 4x, 1v (EIGHT)

FIVE) 2zn, flip, 1v, 6x, 1v (10)

6) 2zn, turn, 1v, 8x, 1v (12)

7) 2zn, turn, 12x (12)

EIGHT) 2zn, turn, 12x (12)

9) 2zn, turn, 1a, 4x (FIVE)

10) 2zn, turn, 1a, 1x, 1a (THREE)

11) 2z, turn, make 1m and pull 1 leave and squeeze round the center Surrounding with 9.

Before we get to the ninth row, we make 1a to the bottom 2 loops, the first starting place of the guts, and after we reach the 9th row:

12) 2zn, turn, 1a, 4x (FIVE)

13) 2zn turn, 1a, 1x, 1a (3)

14) 2zn turn, 1m. When the 14th row is over, we proceed to enclose the needle with the frequent needle, and we continue to encircle the string with x till we finish within the 9th row. We do not encircle the middle part of the guts with a needle. We stitch the bottom of the frame with a needle like in the symbol.

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Pleasant knits with love and love…

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