Making Hexagon Cardigan with Elastic Ends

Hello ,,

These Days, we will knit with you a hexagonal cardigan, but we will upload a bit distinction.

we will be able to practice some narrowing and rubber remedy on the arm ends.

Video and targeted clarification you will have the option to knit easily.

Let’s get started very quickly!


EIGHT pieces L. A. Mia Diamond Burgundy (L065) color hand knitting thread3.5 mm crochet


1. Let’s create 6 double handrails in the type of 3 double handrails and 2 chains within the magic ring.

2. 3 handrails in each slot, Let’s make 2 chains, 3 handrails and draw 2 chains while connecting with the opposite slot. on this way, we should have a total of 12 handrail teams.

3. Let’s make 3 handrails, 2 chains, 3 handrails at the corners. Let’s apply THREE handrails to other parts. Let’s take 2 chains within the transition among Trabzan groups.

The continuation of our cardigan and details in our video narration …


Video Production

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