Making Hooded Summer Baby Overalls

When You want to carry your young children along with your personal braids in summer, this recipe is solely for you!

Let’s start this knitting fashion that you simply can simply knit with this shorts overalls knitted with cotton thread!



2 Snowballs Baby Herbal Yellow (K331) color hand knitting yarn1 Snowball Amigurumi Blue (K551) color hand knitting yarn3 mm crochet4mm 40 cm trimmed skewer4mm sock knit4 pcs loops3 pieces button Needle


Dimensions are suitable for three-6 months.

Tulum starts from the collar.

1. A bottle of 40 cm line is thrown 84 loops and knit a flat knit for 1 row.

2. Top and backside FOUR loops knit harosa. (After 5 rows, the primary buttonhole will open. there’ll be 10 rows between the other buttons.)

3. 15-16, 32-33, 52-FIFTY THREE, 69-70. loops are hooked up to the loops. 26 rows of increments are made to the precise and left of the loops that we’ve attached.

hooded-summer-baby-rompers-making-1 hooded-summer season-baby-rompers-making-1

FOUR. IN THE twenty seventh row, a total of 188 loops are formed within the skewer. The loops are divided into 27 loops at the entrance, 44 loops at the back, 45 loops at the back.

5. The sleeves are wrapped in a sock knit and the back knit is knitted for 2 rows and all loops are lower and completed. .

6. FRONT FOUR loops are placed on most sensible of the crochet and sewn. there’ll be a complete of NINETY FOUR loops left on the spit.

hooded-summer-baby-overalls-construction-2 hooded- summer season-child-rompers-making-2

7. 3 loops are brought at the same time as joining front and again underneath the armpits. a total of ONE HUNDRED loops are shaped at the needle.

8. Knitting a flat knit for 44 rows.

9. loops are minimize proper on the middle and stitched as a net.

10. FORTY EIGHT loops are formed on the facets and the knit is knit with six rows of harosa knitting and all loops are cut and completed.

hooded-summer-baby-overalls-construction-3 hooded-summer season-child-overalls-building-3


1. NINETY TWO loops are removed from the inside of the collar with a FORTY cm line skewer.

2. Knit harosa for fifty rows. and all loops are lower and completed.

Double and sewn within the heart. The four loops on the top and bottom are sewn outward.

hooded-summer-baby-rompers-making-4 hooded-summer season-baby-rompers-development-FOUR

A pompom is made on most sensible of the hat with a blue rope.

EIGHTY TWO chains are drawn with a blue rope, 80 pairs on best handrails are made. With this, a bow is made, sewn on the overalls.

hooded-summer-baby-rompers-making hooded-summer time-child-rompers-development

Health in your hand!

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