Making Knit Booties

Hi !!

Nowadays we have now ready a multi-goal recipe for you.

you’ll be able to use this recipe as bootie decoration, brooch or buckle. that is entirely as much as you.

Let’s start knitting very quickly!


Loren Natural Baby Cream (R083) colour hand knitting yarn2.1 mm crochet


1. Let’s wrap 16 single handrails and 1 loop slide into the magic ring.

2. THREE chains. Let’s make one unmarried handrail on the bottom of the chain and pull THREE chains. Let’s skip one loop and make single handrails at the different loop. Let’s go all of the means in this way.

3. Let’s pull 5 unmarried handrails, 2 chains into the distance and ban the bottom of the chain. Let’s make FIVE extra single handrails. Let’s make FOUR single handrails within the next door. Let’s pull 2 ​​chains and ban the ground of the chain. Let’s jump around the handrail and make FOUR unmarried handrails. Let’s scroll to the fifth handrail in the side space and continue until the tip of the row.

4. Let’s decorate with pearls.

Your bootie decoration is about!


Health to your arms!

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