Making Knit Coat for Little Girls

Making Knit Coat for Little Girls
Making Knit Coat for Little Girls

Hello ,,

You Can do this design, which reminds the stylish coats of a period, in kid’s garments.

you will experience it very much while knitting.

it’s going to also fit your youngsters.

Let’s start!


5 pieces YarnArt Air Of Mystery Pink (597) hand knitting yarnPink colour rabbit featherPink Tulle Ruffle Lace5 mm skewer



1. Knit in brass, ranging from 80 loops. Brass weave; 1 loop is knit in opposite and 1 loop is knit in the form of a flat knit from front face of the knit. the following rows within the front face of the knit are knitted within the earlier row, the back knit is knitted in a opposite pattern, the flat knits are repeated in the type of a flat knit.

3. 12 instances either side of the knit till the knitting length is 50 cm. One stitch at FOUR cm is reduce by way of knitting.

FOUR. Whilst the knitting period is 50 cm, 3 + 2 + 1 stitches are reduce from each side of the knit for the arm area, respectively. < /

5. When the knitting duration is 66 cm, the loops for the collar are centered and the 18 loops in the center are reduce in 1 time, even as the rest 13 loops for the shoulders are cut in 3 levels.


1. Starting FORTY SIX loops, 6 loops in the heart side of the braid are knitted in the center facet of the braid and the other FORTY loops are knitted in brass.

2. < / strong> Knit till the length of the knitting is 50 cm by way of knitting 1 stitch every 12 times from the side of the knit.

THREE. While knitting period is 62 cm, the middle aspect of the knit for the collar 8 + THREE + 2 + 1 + 1 stitches are reduce from the sew, respectively.

4. Whilst the knit period is 66 cm, the remaining THIRTEEN stitches on the shoulder are reduce in THREE degrees.


1. Knitting braid, ranging from 38 loops.

2. Each knit until knitting duration is FORTY cm it is knit 3 times each 10 cm by means of increasing 1 stitch either side.

THREE. 3 + 2 + 1 stitches from both sides of the knit for arm area whilst knitting length is 30 cm.

FOUR. Knit period is 45 cm and knit by way of slicing 1 stitch on either side of the knit until 12 loops are left.

FIVE. the rest 12 loops are minimize via cutting them in 1 time.


60 loops are gathered across the collar and seven cm brass braid is knitted, and the loops are cut in 1 time.


1. Starting FIFTY ONE loops with rabbit feather yarn for the collar, knitting 7 cm plain weave and knitting attachments are completed by reducing in 1 time. it is sewn on the collar.

2. 34 loops are began with rabbit feather yarn for the arm ends, 7 cm plain weave is knitted and the loops are lower in 1 time. 2 pieces are knit and sewn to the ends of the sleeves.

THREE. Tulle lace is sewn at the waist sides of the cardigan with a smocking. it is sewn 5 occasions overlapping.



Well Being on your fingers!

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