Making Knitted Cappadocia Balloons

I REALLY love to be with colors.

it’s nice while colors and knitting models are combined.

it is now not a fortune to move to Cappadocia yet, but i love the balloons there.

you’ll also decorate your houses with colourful knits…


Los Angeles Mia Child Cotton ip3 mm crochet within the colors you want


Motifs (8 items)

you’ll be able to mix the colors in line with the threads you’ve got. We knit by way of changing color in each order.

1) We pull FIVE chains and make jewelry, we pull 2 ​​chains and make 1 double handrail into the hoop, we pull 1 chain, then we make 2 extra double handrails and 1 we pull the chain. we have now a complete of 6 2 handrails groups, 1 chain among them.

2) we pull 2 ​​chains to the highest row, we make 1 double handrail to the distance right next to it, 1 chain then to the same house extra double handrails… We transfer to the other house, no chain among them, we do the same operations. there will be 2 handrails, 1 chain, 2 handrails in each and every space.

3) We make 7 double handrails in each and every house. in the earlier row, we repair it with a needle where we do not positioned a series in combination and continue to the other space with 7 double handrails.

4) We make frequent needles for every of the 7 double handrails in the bottom row. When it comes to the place the place we repair it with the needle in the bottom row, we can again do it with the needle within the earlier row. In different phrases, we will be able to placed the needle at the 2nd row in order that it appears to be like longer.

That’s how our motifs are.


1) I WAS totally impromptu. I pulled 22 chains and made 20 double handrails.

2) We pulled 2 chains and went up to the top row and once more we made 1 double handrail on each and every handrail, however 1 each on the starting and finish of the row. We do not put out of your mind to extend.

3) We repeat step 6 until the balloon has FIVE rows in general.

you’ll be able to assemble the balloon and motifs by way of attaching them to the frame or through sewing them on a fabric. . We attach the motifs to the balloon with colored threads. however you can use the method you want.

Right Here it’s completed bileee … I made a present to my son’s teacher, he favored it a great deal …

i would be more than happy for those who do it and percentage it with me .. @gulerinhobileri

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