Making Knitted Headband with Bow

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I Needed to enroll in the straightforward berets with another knitting trend.

Let’s get started knitting this bandage on chilly days, so one can not only get your ears cold but in addition upload a heat feeling!


1 Nako Vision Gray colour ip5 mm skewer wool needle


We mix the threads each from the inside and outdoors of the ball and make double layers.

1) We Commence with 18 loops.

2) We knit an ordinary of 40 cm of crochet knitting

You or your individual you can degree in keeping with the person’s head and extend and shorten the dimensions.

3) Whilst knitting reaches the dimensions we want, we end through slicing the entire loops.

We stitch the two ends in combination by means of sewing the interior of the piece we knit.


1) We Commence with NINE loops.

2) Moderate 14 cm crochet knit we weave.

3) We minimize the entire loops and lower the center of the piece we knit with a string and needle, and shape it with a bow tie and stitch it on the tape.


Making Knitted Headband with Bow

Making Knitted Headband with Bow

It Is that easy!

you can reward it to your loved ones through knitting colors.

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