Making Knitting Door Ornament


We Will Be Able To make quite simple, very chic, very speedy door decoration with combed rope.

Let’s start!


Spaghetti Combed combed rope;
1 piece of white color rope
1 piece of crimson color ip7 mm crochet macrame ring (medium or massive size) Synthetic flower, ribbon


We Begin with white colour rope.

1) We knit a string of needles into the hoop with white thread.
(We make sure that that the choice of needles is 4 instances. Therefore, the remaining style we will be able to make will probably be better.)

2) We knit yet one more row of needles with white thread with none increase.

We switch to our pink colour thread. < /

3) We repeat the same operations in the same sequence till the top of the row, by means of making 1 single handrail, 1 double handrail, 3 triple handrails, 1 double handrail, 1 unmarried handrail to the same loop.

you’ll be able to embellish with synthetic flowers and ribbons in line with your taste….


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