Making Knitting Water Bottle Net

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Isn’t water all the time with us while you visit game, opt for a stroll or visit faculty?

an excellent recipe for you to carry your water bottle with you each with ease and stylishly. We brought you an overly trendy knitting water bottle internet with this knitting style you’ll simply knit.

Let’s start!


YarnArt Loopy Colour Ebruli (148) hand knitting yarn3 mm crochet


x: Needle

dc: Double handrail

zn: chain

cc: Stitch shift


< strong> 1) We make a magic ring.

2) We pull out 5 instances and make 1dc into the magic ring, FOUR occasions (2zn, 1dc), 2zn and making cc to the primary handrail. we combine. there will be 6dc in general.

water-fog-net-construction-1 water-sise-nets-making-1

THREE) 5dn and 1dc, 2zn, 1dc (within the same ring).

we can have a complete of 6 net balls within the area, 1x. on the finish of the road, there will probably be a total of 6 circles. At The Same Time As going to the top, we continue through making 5cc and pulling NINE chains. water-fog-net-construction-3 water-fog-internet-construction-THREE water-fog-net-construction-4 water-bottle-net-building-FOUR

The Online shall be knitted within the same approach until it ends. a complete of 15 rows of mesh will probably be knitted, we proceed with the top row by pulling 3 chains.


FIVE) Overall 5 dc to every area – total We close it by making 30dc -cc.

we make and mix trabzana cc. We pull 1zn and make the x to every chain and create the take care of.

Our bottle net is ready.

su-sise-nesi-yapimi water-fog-web-making

Knit with love

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