Making Lace Flower Coasters

Hello buddies!

I got here to you with an attractive floral coaster to put it in your dowry besides.

Let’s start knitting this pretty development together!


La Mia Linen Cotton Inexperienced (L113) color hand knitting yarn2 mm crochet


1) We pull 6 chains together. We pull THREE chains. Once More, we pull 3 more chains for unmarried handrails and make single handrails. Then we pull 3 chains and make single handrails. We do the similar process until we get 8 slots.

2) We pull FIVE chains and take 3 ropes at the crochet hook. We take the ropes we tackle 2 of them 2 every and make 4 handrails. We pull FIVE chains and make 4 handrails in the similar slots with the same procedure. As we transfer directly to the next stage, we pass by way of looping.

3) In This phase, we make 10 single handrails to each slot.

4) At The final level, we pull FOUR chains, leap a gap and fasten it to the second one gap. We make 4 on every leaf.

Our coaster is completed.



i hope you favor it and use it on nice days.



Health in your arms already!

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