Making Lace Sea Shell Model

Hi everybody!

We’ve an overly great motif for baby vests, sweaters and blankets!

Automotive motif making is very simple!

Let’s start knitting instantly!


Los Angeles Mia Diamond Middle Of The Night Blue (L159) color hand knitting threadLoren Natural Cotton Brown (R035) color hand knitting threadCream embroidery thread3 mm crochet needle


Sh: Magic ring

X: Scion needle

Zn: Chain

Dc: Double handrail


We Commence with a blue thread.

1) We pull 20 chains.

2) 20x, we go to the top.

3) 20dc

4) 20dc

5) 20dc

6) pulling 8 occasions dc onto the fifth railing , dc, pulling 9zn x onto the 11th handrail, 9x for the remaining section

7) We come to the bottom. We finish it through making 12 x into each of the 3 areas.

Wheels (2 pieces)

We knit with brown colored thread.

1) Sh

2) 2zn, 12dc

We sew the wheels to the auto with cream coloured hand knitting yarn.

It could be very simple and stress-free. changed into a motif. it could actually be utilized by knitting colorfully to decorate child boy knitting and blankets.

car-motif-making automobile-motif -made

Well Being to your hands!

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