Making Leash / Neck Collar for Pets

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As quickly as I noticed the heading for pets in Instagram, I were given to paintings and prepared a collar and neck collar that we can knit for our pets, even supposing we have now a cat, canine (and even chook). Let’s move on to making it


The Required cotton color thread (I used Loren Natural Cotton) A crochet in keeping with the rope (I used THREE mm crochet)



1) First we commence via pulling 71 chains. you’ll additionally start a leash for your cat and canine by means of increasing the number of chains.

2) We Have Now reached the top of each chain through making 3 handrails. you are going to have a total of 70 handrails.

THREE) After finishing the Trabzas─▒, I put a pearl bead on the top. you can additionally install a button in the event you want. because the Trabzans are THREE, they’re quite wide. it is easy to get through. you’ll be able to use any accent that can pass through it as a consequence

This part is the back part. Via making a very simple flower for the front section and solving it to the chain, the leash / collar will be finished


Let’s come to the making of the flower;

1) I I used a distinct colour rope to blow it up.

2) We make a magic ring and fill it with 8 widespread needles.

3) Then we pull 4 chains and fix them in the house right subsequent to them. Via doing this process 8 instances, we will have a total of 8 leaves. then you definitely can add a bit of more air to the center of the flower formed by utilizing pearl. To protected the flower to the chain, increase the thread from the flower. and fix it by putting it in the path you need.

Knitted with love, use with love

good thing our animals exist. stick with love, pointing out that we wish an international they love very much!

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