Making Neck Collar With Rose

Hi expensive knitting fanatics,

now we have prepared a neck knitting pattern that you can follow in 1 day.

Let’s get started with this neck collar that you can simply knit with my mother’s beautiful recipe.

< h2> Foods YarnArt Charisma hand knitting thread;
1 Cream (502) color thread
1 Rose Dried (3017) color rope4 mm spit 2 desktops loop holder Scissors Bobbin or ruler we will be able to get started knitting each time of our knitting.

1) We Start by way of throwing 30 loops in our bottle with the main color.

2) We knit in each row along 5 cm.

3) After knitting 5 cm, we can divide our loops into 15 loops + 15 loops to form the buttonhole phase. We knit 15 loops and cross the remaining 15 loops to the looper holder. We knit 15 loops on skewers 6 cm. We placed the 15 stitches we knit into a second loop holder and positioned the other 15 stitches in the bottle and knit it 6 cm.

4) After growing the buttonhole part, mix 15 stitches + 15 stitches and re-stitch 30 stitches. We continue through knitting.

Making Neck Collar With Rose

Making Neck Collar With Rose

5) We knit 30 loops in each and every row with the principle colour along the 41 cm.

6) Converting color, changing every loop after we modification color we increase and build up the number of stitches to 60 stitches.


7) We knit 60 loops of purl for 1 row.

8) Once We transfer to the next row, we knit 2 knits, 1 increase to the end of the row and build up the selection of stitches to 80 stitches.

9) We knit EIGHTY stitches over 7 cm. We finish by chopping the loops. We go away our thread long for sewing.


1) We curl the rose from one area inward and stitch it from a few issues with the lengthy thread we left. We make the rose soaked.

Making Neck CollMaking Neck Collar With Rosear With Rose


Your rose collar is ready for use.



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