Making Neck Strap Phone Cases

Hi everyone!

We knit a very adorable and very useful phone case for you.

you’ll be able to finish this type that is really easy to make in a short time.

In An Instant Let’s get started!


Kartopu Cotton Mix Fuchsia (2359S) color hand knitting thread2.FIVE mm crochet3 threads in numerous colours 1 button Stitching needle


1) 20 chains are drawn and 20 needles are injected in each instructions of the chain. a complete of 40 needles are bought.

2) FORTY needles are knitted along 2 rows.

3) THREE chains are drawn , a loop is skipped and a unmarried handrail is made. At The Same Time As continuing, 1 chain is pulled, 1 loop is skipped and a handrail is made. This procedure is repeated EIGHT instances.

FOUR) a complete of 40 widespread needles are made on the lattices.

5) 40 for 2 rows Needle is knitted regularly.

6) The meshed row is knitted once more.

These operations are repeated in step with the telephone dimension.

7 ) Needle is knitted by way of turning again and forth from one aspect of the knit. Get Started with 10 widespread needles. 2 rows of 10 needles are knitted.

EIGHT) 2 rows of needles are knitted along 2 rows.

9) 3 frequent needles , 2 chains, THREE needles are knitted.

10) EIGHT needles are knitted.

11) 2 alongside 2 rows Needle is knitted and finished frequently.

Button is sewn to check the buttonhole.

Flower is knitted and stitched within the desired colours. so as to knit the flowers, FIVE chains are drawn into the magic ring and immersed within the ring, this process is repeated 5 instances. That Is it!

neck-strap-phone-cover-construction-1 neck-striking-phone-case-construction-1


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