Making Notebook Case

How about making amusing covers that your children can put in their notebooks?

Whether Or Not you utilize notebooks or drugs you make from your personal models, notebooks, tablets, and the like. you can use it for issues. Let’s get started our recipe if you happen to are able to wonder your children via knitting a computer quilt.


Los Angeles Mia Cottony rope;
2 Beige (P4) color threads
1 Black (P21) colour thread
1 Mustard Yellow ( P18) color thread
1 Crimson (P13) color thread
1 Child Blue (P14) colour ip3 mm crochet


1) Begins with 92 chains.

2) Double handrails are made for 28 rows.

THREE) Blue colour with; 2, 4, 6..12. Chain paintings is finished among the rows.

4) With purple color: 2 rows of chain paintings are performed from the start to the 11.trabz.

* Knitted piece is doubled and sewn.


Pen Tip

1) Starts with 17 chains.

2) Double handrails are knitted for 7 rows.

3) 3 yellow in eighth row 4 beige, THREE yellow, 4 beige, 3 yellow.

FOUR) 9 and in the 10th row, 1 handrail with beige and 1 from the end and 1 from the tip is lowered.

FIVE) within the 11th and 12th, black and 1 decreases are made and the pencil tip is formed and completed. < /

your kids will love this pretty quilt you knit.

Health to your palms!

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