Making of Burgundy Beanie

It’s very simple to make but with its draped stance, your trendy beret might be one of your favourite equipment on chilly iciness days. Let’s knit!


1 Snowball Alpaca Polo Purple colour ip6 mm skewer Wool needle


1) Start with FORTY FIVE loops .

2) 1 inverted, 2 straight, 2 inverted, 2 instantly, 2 inverted, 6 directly, 2 inverted, 2 straight, 2 inverted, 6 instantly, 2 inverted, 2 straight, 2 inverted, 6 directly, 2 inverted, 2 straight, 2 inverted instance is established within the first order.

3) This row is the opposite of knitting; Meanwhile, the residences are directly, the inverted are knit in reverse.

4) In 5 puts, 2 of which are flat at the flat aspect of the braid, two loops are shifted like a small braid. that is repeated in each and every flat a part of the knit. repeat

5) 10 instantly knit puts in 10 rows, THREE-3 are divided into parts, the loops are moved 3-3 and the twirl method is implemented.

6) When the period of the knitting is 50 cm, it is finished by way of cutting. the perimeters are sewn against one another. The woolen needle is threaded in the similar colour, gone through the loops at the best of the beret, and completed by shrinking. you’ll additionally put on pompoms for this section


We Are performed.

Use it on beautiful days.

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